Information for the media

Attendance of Proceedings and Pronouncements:

  • Accreditation is not necessary.
  • But you are requested to submit an informal registration to the press office. You may do so by email or telephone. Please state in your registration the contact person and the estimated number of visitors. It is also helpful to know whether or not you will be using a camera.
  • The Federal Administrative Court reserves the right to introduce a special accreditation procedure for individual cases with exceptional media interest. You will receive detailed information in this regard in good time.

Production of image and video material:

  • Audio, film and photographic recordings are only permitted in the courtroom before the start of proceedings or the pronouncement of decisions and after their end. It is prohibited to record while the Court is in session.
  • Persons are not permitted behind the judge's bench.

Other instructions:

  • The Federal Administrative Court does not provide Internet connectivity. Mobile devices must be switched to offline mode while the Court is in session.